Kylœ is an award winning multidisciplinary design studio, focussing on sustainable and circular design. We specialise in creating unique and captivating spaces, with the lowest carbon footprint possible, for both commercial and private clients, ensuring that every space we design is a reflection of our clients' style and personality.

What We Do

We undertake everything from bespoke one off products to full fit-outs for both private and commercial clients. We never take on more clients than we can handle, making sure you get the best results possible. We want the outcome to be right for you! Because of this we include you every step of the journey and establish exactly what you want and need.


We understand the importance of our actions as designers, we are therefore making it our priority to design consciously of our environmental impact. 

We aim to produce furniture that lasts, this is achieved through quality craftsmanship, replaceability of parts and repairability. We use all locally sourced, sustainably managed timber and are meticulous about material selection and usage. 

As well as this, part of our practice is to also develop new materials and methods to further advance sustainability in the furniture industry.

Our Clients

We work with private and commercial clients to come up with innovative, functional design solutions.

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